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Are you looking for a stock market related forum where you can really get involved and get rewarded for it? Your opinion is in demand: At LETSSTOCK you can freely express yourself on worldwide stocks and increase your personal status with every posting and compete with other users. Register for free and help build the LETSSTOCK community. Our mission is to give a voice to retail investors and does not pursue commercial interests. Support us to continue to expand our offerings and ensure the operation of this site by occasionally selecting the advertisements displayed and spreading the word about LETSSTOCK to your circle of friends and acquaintances. LETSSTOCK was and is completely financed from our own source and developed on our own and is therefore completely independent and free of any concessions to the media-controlled usual social web portals. For any suggestions or questions, please use our contact form.


Marcel Dubach 



How does it work?

You can express your opinion both as a non-registered user and as a registered user. If you express your opinion as a logged-in user, you have the opportunity to increase your personal status and reputation with increasing activity in the LETSSTOCK community.


You can score points as follows:

1 Point for each posting in the stock forum

300 points for each stock analysis, which contains minimum 500 words and 2’000 characters. Maximum five analyses per user and per day

100 bonus points for each new user recommendation. The bonus points will be credited after the user has finished his registration and has posted at least one message

1 point for each stock price prediction

100 points for each reaction in the investor story section and movie review


LETSSTOCK user score scheme  


LETSSTOCK Terms of Use

  1. Participation in LETSSTOCK is free of charge and without obligation
  2. LETSSTOCK is allowed to delete inappropriate messages without any comment.
  3. LETSSTOCK may block users who behave inappropriately.
  4. LETSSTOCK is authorized to make changes in the point system at any time.
  5. LETSSTOCK dissociates itself from the content of the users' messages. Also, LETSSTOCK does not hold any of the shares discussed by the users or is involved in any transactions with the same. The same applies to own articles contributions of the LETSSTOCK editorial staff.
  6. The legal process is excluded


Operator and trademark owner of LETSSTOCK is the sole proprietorship Stocktalk, Marcel Dubach, registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zug, Switzerland. Trade register No. CH- D-U-N-S No. 480105640. The content on this website is the intellectual property of LETSSTOCK, as well as the concept and technology used. Legal action will be taken against unauthorized extraction and reproduction of the contents of this website and the technologies used by LETSSTOCK. Copycats will be legally prosecuted.